Web and IT Department

Chaudhry Basit and Hamza Irfan

We provide you the updates and information through website. And yes, we will look forward to resolve and answer to the queries related to the contest.


Aqdas Haseeb and Shahryar Ahmad Khan

Our job is to promote this event in various cities across Pakistan. We encourage them to participate in such events as this will test their strengths and will direct their energies in a positive way.


Adeel Shahid Iqbal

We do not capture moments, we capture memories that you’ll cherish throughout your life.


Sanawar Hussain and Hamza Azam

We handle team registrations across the country trying to ensure a smooth and systematic way to avoid troubles.

Arena Management

Hamza Tariq and M.Saifullah

Our job is to make the battle-field ready for the match. We make sure proper placement of obstacles in arena.


Munadi Ahmed Sial and M. Shehryar Khan

We make the event beautiful, add colours to it, merge the robo assault with slight freshness. Through this event, we aim to portray an artistic image of robots. Our team wishes to participants a sight of relieve which can help them escape the worries of upcoming challenges and motivate them to come forward with an open, innovative mind.

Literary Society and Social Media

Anum Tahir and Hassan Tahir

Literary Society is an integral part of NERC which encapsulates the happenings of mega event in words. From promotions to event management, workshops to mini-NERC and NERC, heats to finale - the society publishes them all.


Ali Hassan Khalid and Muhammad Bilal

What do you imagine when you hear the words robowars? Is it the grinding of steel on steel as two bots are locked in a deadlock that can decide which win will got to the scrap heap and which will go on to the next round, or is it the sight of a bot bringing down a brutal execution in front of the crowd, the smell of burning metal and the sound of a crowd cheering on as a bot rips his enemy to shreds. This and more is what we will present to you a spectacle that will sate your every desire and leave you breathless.

Video and Graphics

Amber Farooq and Umar Arshad

Reviving the memories, bringing back all the excitement, fun and thrill. Team Media and Graphics will be providing you the entertainment and excitement of this mega event.

Game of Drones

Fatima Noor and Harris Bin Khalid

Walking for the aerial combat into a drone-fighting pit is much like walking into a boxing ring. We give our spectators a chance to witness the entire battlefield, as pilots on either side make last-minute preparations, swapping out propellers and tucking in loose cables before the round begins. With a smooth flick of the joysticks, the drones zoom into the air swaying from left to right, right to left in order to accomplish the given task.

Marketing and Sponsorship

Shehryar Ali Khan and Fatima Farooq

Marketing is the promotion of events of NERC and in return getting the event sponsored. Marketing and sponsorship is the brain of the NERC, We basically work behind the scenes so that through our contribution and fundings, We are able to pull of a national-level event and make it successful as always.


Nayab Javed and Haya Ali

The NERC workshops introduce students to the thrilling world of robotics where they will be taught how to build and program a robot. These workshops will start simple and progress to in depth coding


Ubaid Asif

Conduction and Accomodation

Junaid Ur Rehman and Tahir Mahmood