NERC '19

17th - 20th July 2019


A joint venture of NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and HEC STEM Careers Program.

Latest Updates

  1. Indigenous Category
    NUST College of EME
    Lahore University of Management Sciences
    Martians(SECOND RUNNER UP)
    NUST college of EME
  2. LEGO School Category
    Devil Bombers(WINNERS)
    Military College Jhelum
    Robo Thrashers(FIRST RUNNER UP)
    Head Start School
  3. LEGO University Category
    Saad Steam (WINNER)
    NUST - College of EME
    University of Balochistan (FIRST RUNNER UP)
    University Of Balochistan
  4. Ready To Move Category
    Science Club (WINNERS)
    Islamabad Model College For Boys
    Robo Warriors (FIRST RUNNER UP)
    Aitchison College
  5. Robowars
    Lucifer (WINNER)
    National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad
    Sinner (FIRST RUNNER UP)
    National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.
  6. AERO - Contest of Drones
    Khattak (WINNERS)
    Ayub Medical College
    Rawpro (FIRST RUNNER UP)
  7. AERO - Build and Fly
    Buraq (WINNERS)
    Cadet College Hassan Abdal
    Thunder (FIRST RUNNER UP)
    NUST College of Aeronautical Engineering



National Engineering Robotics Contest is a joint project of National University of Sciences and Technology, STEM Careers Programme and Pakistan Science Foundation, to promote research in robotics and its related fields in Pakistan.

College of EME, NUST

The College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (E&ME) is the prime hub of engineering education in Pakistan, offering the best under-graduate and graduate programmes in the country. The Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME) maintains the mechanical and electrical/electronics equipment held by the Pakistan Army. In order to meet the training requirements of the Corps, EME School was established at Quetta on 1st April 1957... Read more



NERC has the following awesome categories for you to prove yourself in...

...and yes, you can participate in all of them at the same time!

To avoid disappointments during the competition, it is strongly advised to the participating teams to go through all the material available on the website regarding the category they're competing in. Where we live, compromise is a word long forgotten! Better safe than sorry.


NERC isn't just about competition. To make the event even more worthy of attendance, we at NERC host a “Gala Dinner” for our valued participants. It includes exciting events like student performances, musical concerts by popular bands, dramas and plays, and of course, a lavish dinner buffet; all concluded with loads of fireworks and lanterns in the spacious grounds of CEME!

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A mega event of nationwide importance, NERC is presented to Pakistan by the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, CEME, NUST. The faculty and students work in collaboration to provide a pleasant experience for the participants.

Saad Javed

Elizay Jehangir
Vice President

Usairem Alamgeer
Vice President

Organizing Body

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