1. Can the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor be used?
  2. Please clarify if H-Bridge ICs like L293D can be used for the ball potting mechanism. Here is to be cleared that I am asking for ball potting mechanism, not for driving mechanism.
  3. Can omni-wheels be used as free wheels?
  4. On website you say that off the shelf color sensors are allowed, but components list contradicts this.
  5. Can we change our microcontroller for retry?
  6. Can we include a switch for the red and blue arenas as that would be decided by a toss.
  7. What is the age limit for participation in the Modular Category?
  8. Can we have separate codes made for red and blue arena and burn the code/change the controller after the coin toss?
  9. Can we use gate driver IC and/or other logic ICs?
  10. If a team takes multiple retries, points of which retry will be considered?
  11. Can we use QTR-8RC Reflectance Sensor Array and Line Tracking sensor TCRT5000L as line detecting sensors?
  12. Is it compulsory for the participants to design and fabricate the electronic circuitry by themselves?
  13. can we have 3 wheeled chasis for NERC indigenous category
  14. Can a single team bring more than one robot to compete in the contest?
  15. How will the robot be placed on the junction at the starting point?
  16. Unlike the previous NERC editions where the two sub arenas used to be flipped and mirrored images of each-other, the 2019 edition has duplicate sub-arenas, which are essentially identical, so will the teams be allowed to re-code the microcontroller before running the match?
  17. What is the meaning of "throw the ball" phrase in the theme? Can we only throw the ball in the hoop.
  18. The quoted statement is from Nerc2019 theme." robot has to enter completely into shaded region" . But if the robot enters completely into shaded region the it wont be able to pot the ball because of robot size. The size for shaded region is 40 by 40.